Losco Park- New Trail System on the Horizon

Losco Park, located off Hood Road South, consists of almost 200 acres, although only the 25 acres fronting on Hood Road have been developed.  The developed area managed by Jacksonville Youth Soccer Club, is a bustling soccer recreation area. The undeveloped acreage contains extensive wetland areas, but was part of Preservation Land project that contemplated a trail system and nature pavilion would be built on the land.

Funds are available in the mitigation trust for this purpose and design is moving forward.  I have been in contact with both runners and cyclists anxious to see the completion. The trail would be multi-use designed for cross-country runners always looking for a place to train as well as off road cyclists. The current design includes several loops that intersect allowing alternate routes.

JYSC recently contacted me regarding the possibility of incorporating additional soccer fields on some of this land.  I am certainly open to the idea if there is adequate parking and the fields can be located so as not to adversely impact the trail system. The Club is coordinating with parks staff on the design. I do not want to delay construction of the trail system, but there is no reason we should not build it in such a way that future uses can be accommodated, if feasible.

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  1. Sheila says:

    This happy news!! Yay!!