New Water Access coming to Southbank

Two new water access facilities are in design along the Southbank Riverwalk. The first is an ADA accessible kayak launch that would be added at a floating dock near the eastern edge of the School Board site. This project was funded through a Florida Inland Navigation District grant in 2016 and design is nearing completion. At Waterways Commission meetings we have had the opportunity to see presentations on several types of handicap accessible launch facilities and look forward to this addition to our Downtown waterfront. The location is at a point where the river widens and the impacts of currents lessen so that it will also be a better location for a non-motorized launch. The newly completed launch at Gefen Park south of the Fuller Warren Bridge on the Northbank is similarly located outside of the strongest currents of the Downtown core.

The second new addition is a finger pier that will be added near Riverplace Tower. This docking area was contemplated by the Riverwalk design but eliminated due to cost constraints so it is already conceptually designed. It will parallel the Riverwalk and provide docking space for recreational boaters who wish to dine, visit friends, or otherwise enjoy the Southbank Riverwalk. This finger pier was already funded and we are now awaiting completion of final design and permitting to begin construction. One or both of the docks illustrated will be added depending on cost.

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