San Marco Traffic Calming- Part Two

The demand to reduce cut-through traffic, and speeding, on neighborhood residential streets in San Marco and elsewhere in the District contuse to be a hot topic. Over a year ago, I held a second community meeting for the Alexandria Oaks neighborhood- including all streets in the corner between Atlantic Boulevard, Hendricks Ave., the railroad tracks, and bounded on the South by Marco Place. Those streets are interconnected and a variety of solutions have been proposed over the years. While some proposals were well received at the first meeting, they met with strong opposition from other residents who were not in attendance. At the second meeting, the idea of lowering the speed limit as was done across Hendricks Ave. seemed to meet with general approval- although a number of neighbors are not convinced it will be effective. Nevertheless, the decision was made to proceed as at least a first step. However the effort to gather petitions had stalled.

A few months ago, Matt Carlucci volunteered to lead the petition drive effort and sufficient signatures were obtained to proceed. The neighbors are currently collecting the funds required to pay for the signs once funds are received by the City, I expect the project will be moving forward this spring. Thank you Matt for carrying the ball on this one.

I understand that a few questions have arisen regarding sign placement. I have been advised by Traffic Engineering that sign placement will not be confirmed until full payment is received. If you have a question about sign placement you can contact Traffic Engineering. Chris LeDew is our City Chief of Traffic Engineering and he can be reached at 255-7533 or Fay Deschenes has responded to a number of emails on the project and she can be reached at 255-7533 or

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