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If you completed the quiz, I’m sure you discovered that it starts out easy and becomes more difficult as you move across the page. Rules of the road (and sidewalks and bike lanes are considered part of the road) are governed by state law not City ordinances.


 F.S. 316.003 Definitions (15) provides:


(a) That part of a roadway at an intersection included within the connections of the lateral lines of the sidewalks on opposite sides of the highway, measured from the curbs or, in the absence of curbs, from the edges of the traversable roadway.

(b) Any portion of a roadway at an intersection or elsewhere distinctly indicated for pedestrian crossing by lines or other markings on the surface.”

F.S. 316.003 Definitions (72) provides:

“SIDEWALK.—That portion of a street between the curbline, or the lateral line, of a roadway and the adjacent property lines, intended for use by pedestrians.”

Have you changed your mind on any of your answers?

Location A

                Yes there is a crosswalk and it is clearly marked by the paver line or striped crosswalk that is perpendicular to the roadway. Yes it is legal to cross in this location if you abide by the traffic signal. If the pedestrian is in the crosswalk and walking with the signal, yes the vehicle must yield to the pedestrian. This one was supposed to be obvious.

Location B

                No there is not a marked or unmarked crosswalk at this location. No, it is not legal to cross between adjacent signalized intersections. If the distance depicted is reasonable- say one block, it would not be legal to cross here. If the distance were a mile, the intersections would not be considered “adjacent” and it would be legal to cross, but since there is no crosswalk, the motorist has the right of way and the pedestrian must yield to the vehicle. So, No the vehicle does not have to yield.

Location C

                Yes there is a crosswalk even if it is not marked on the pavement. An unmarked crosswalk is treated no differently than a marked crosswalk in the statute. A pedestrian does not have to cross the street to use the marked crosswalk.  Yes, it is legal to cross here but the signal must be obeyed and yes the motor vehicle must yield to the pedestrian.

Location D

                Yes there is a crosswalk and in this case it is marked. This location was designed to make you think there was no crosswalk at “C” or that a pedestrian was obligated to cross on this side of the intersection which is not the law. Yes it is legal to cross with the appropriate signal and yes the motor vehicle must yield.

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