LaSalle Street Drainage Improvements

Last year the City acquired a vacant lot on LaSalle Street in preparation for the construction of the long contemplated pump station. The project had been partially funded seven years ago but during the recession funding was transferred to allow completion of an over budget project in progress. This project is now back in line and a portion of the required funding was allocated this year with the remainder programmed over the next two years to support the construction phase.

The Project’s Design Consultant has been selected and Public Works is currently negotiating the design scope & fee.  They will be pursuing a Design-Build construction contract so the Design Consultant will be developing a Design Criteria Package. Public Works is awaiting a schedule for completion of negotiations/execution of contract and Design Criteria Package development (that will allow for Design-build bidding).

LaSalle is located midway between the Landon and Nira/Children’s Way pump stations and the three will operate together to reduce flooding in the area. The underground interconnected system of storm drainage pipes has led to backflow from the water pumped out at the other locations- the water seen coming up through the manhole at Landon Roundabout. This pump station will alleviate that issue.

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