University Boulevard Crosswalk in Lakewood

For more than three years I have been trying to get a crosswalk installed near the Lakewood shopping center. The Lakewood Town Center Plan recommended this years ago along with other improvements along University. The Town Center Plan can be found at the following link:

After convincing FDOT (it is a state road) to conduct a pedestrian count and prepare a preliminary design, they never moved the project into line for funding. The picture below is their preliminary concept.

Finally in 2016, we appropriated funds for the crosswalk through the City budget process. As the design progressed, we determined the funding was insufficient and additional money was added this year to allow the project to be constructed. We still have a street lighting issue to resolve with FDOT who now wants us to add additional lights, and we are trying to use the FDOT contractor to avoid other issues. However the project that we hoped to have a construction schedule for in August still seems to be mired in the system.

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