Cuba Hunter Park- Art in Public Places

Jacksonville has had a long standing requirement that a small portion of the construction cost of every new building or facility is to be used for public art. When the facilities were constructed at Cuba Hunter Park, it was no different and funding was allocated for Public Art. The park, located off Emerson Street, contains a playground area, a gymnasium, community meeting room, a skate park, and other amenities.

The process of selecting and installing the public art has been delayed several times for various reasons- the latest being that the Art in Public Places program is waiting to finalize the Artist Contracts with Office of General Counsel for all APP projects.

An Art Selection Panel is in formation, and efforts are underway to work closely with the Duval County art educators working in schools near to the site. Christie Holechek, the program director, hopes to convene the Art Selection Panel in the spring, then follow with public meetings to introduce the project and gain feedback and participation from the community including users of the facility. If you want to participate on the panel or provide input, you can contact Christie at:

phone: 904.358.3600 ext.12

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