Overland Bridge

The Overland Bridge project is nearing completion of the construction Phase. FDOT currently estimate a spring 2018 completion date. There are some amazing photos of the progress on the project website: http://www.i95overlandbridge.com/photos.shtml

The landscape phase of the project is currently in design. An open house was held last July to receive public input and I had the opportunity to attend, listen, and comment. Based on community input I had received, key focal points are the pond at the ramp down to Atlantic Blvd. Eastbound which is the entry into St. Nicholas, screening and greening of the sound wall near South Shores, and key focal pockets as you approach downtown.

The landscaping project includes plantings of numerous species of trees and shrubs, irrigation and other incidental work relating to the overall landscape for the downtown Interstate 95 corridor. Construction is not expected to start until summer 2019.

The proposed landscape project is developed through District Two’s FDOTree program, a new initiative to promote communication and delivery of FDOT Northeast Florida landscaping program. You can read more about the landscape phase here:


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