After School Programming returns to Dupont Middle

In late September, I was contacted by Ashley Smith Juarez, our district School Board member, regarding the elimination of Dupont Middle School’s after-school program. Apparently, due in part to a change in non-profit providers and in part to a change in criteria, Dupont had not been an identified site for a funded after-school program. The school year began with Dupont offering a fee based program, but the cost of the program was prohibitive for many families and the principal had reached out to Ms. Smith Juarez for help.  Recognizing that this was the only site in the City that had slipped through the cracks, we worked to locate available funds and I introduced legislation that funded the program with a new provider for the balance of the school year. City Council passed that bill on October 24th and we were able to collectively resolve the issue with minimal disruption to the students and their families.

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