Southbank Parking

You may recall an update I posted in March 0f 2016 regarding the potential public parking available under the Overland Bridge. You can find that article here:

Working with the Mayor’s Office, FDOT, and the Downtown Investment Authority we were able to secure leases from the state to use three of the lots for public parking immediately. Lot J depicted below contains 201 spaces. We hope to add other lots as construction is completed. I know there are businesses interested in the status of the lots near Hendricks and Kings and DIA continues to inquire of FDOT as to the timing and lease of parking on these lots.

The lots depicted below are open and available today and do provide a parking option for those who wish to use the Riverwalk or visit MOSH or other establishments in the area.

The first step following execution of the lease was to assess the condition of the lots and determine any required improvements. The assessment was completed in the fall and has identified some ADA, landscape and other issues. The next step is to get a cost estimate for the listed items from JBC, the City’s continuing contractor, so work can begin. Absent a delay on their part, we hope to have those numbers next week and begin the work this spring. It is relatively minor and funds have already been allocated. The lots will be maintained and operated through the City Office of Public Parking which is under the jurisdiction of the Downtown Investment Authority.

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