Pine Forest Curb and Gutter/Park

As I wrote in August, the funding from a Community Development Block Grant for curb and gutter improvements in Pine Forest was re-allocated to sidewalks, crosswalks and park improvements since the funds were insufficient to construct complete curb/gutter and sidewalk roadways without ditches. That roadway project is still on the list, but is substantially more expensive.

I reported in August that I had met with former CM Warren Jones and Association president Joyce Brown to discuss the neighborhood’s priorities.  The list they provided is as follows:

  1. Acquire lot for sale at corner of Grant and Gattis.(highest priority because time sensitive)
  2. Demolish residence at Gattis/Grant acquired in 1 above
  3. New sidewalk along north side of Gattis from Grant to Hamlin
  4. Crosswalk across Grant north side of Gattis to provide access between community center and park (intersection location- not midblock- just stripe and sign)
  5. Sidewalk on east side of Grant from Gattis to Emerson
  6. Crosswalk across Grant at Sessions to provide access to school (intersection location- not midblock- just stripe and sign)
  7. Continue sidewalk on west side of Grant from Sessions South to Jernigan if funds allow
  8. Add walking trail for seniors on lot at Gattis and Grant
  9. Add parking for Park/Community Center on lot at Gattis and Grant

We are making good progress! The corner lot has been acquired and we are moving forward with demolition. The sidewalks and crosswalk are in design as is the walking trail. We may acquire another adjacent parcel at this time as well. We are on track to have all these improvements completed in the next year!


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