University Boulevard Crosswalk

You may recall that some time ago I reached out to FDOT regarding the installation of a pedestrian crosswalk across University Boulevard near Lakewood Shopping Center and Crabtree Park. There are apartments on one side of University and a park and shopping center on the other, a bus stop on each side and at this location, University is a 5 lane roadway with no median. The existing crosswalk at San Jose is both too far away for individuals to use to access these locations, but also has significant traffic conflicts with through turn lanes.

FDOT conducted a traffic count and pedestrian warrant study and concluded that a pedestrian refuge median and a crosswalk would address the concerns of residents and users in the area. I provided a copy of that preliminary design in my Sept 8, 2015 on Lakewood Pedestrian improvements. FDOT has failed to allocate funding for those improvements in their last two budgets.

As a result, during last fall’s budget process, the City included funding for the FDOT crosswalk proposal in our budget and Public Works has adopted the FDOT design. A public meeting will be scheduled in the near future and construction is on schedule to commence in March.

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