Landon Track

In September I attended the ribbon cutting on the recently completed drainage improvements at Landon Track and the official opening of the track for public use on evenings, weekends, and school vacations. What a great community asset! I want to again thank Ashley Smith Juarez, the Landon principal, and Duval County Public Schools for allowing this joint use opportunity.

I have received a number of emails from folks who are taking advantage of this opportunity and are most appreciative. I have also heard from others on occasion when the track gate was locked during weekend or holiday hours.  I appreciate the communication and please let me know when there is a breakdown as we try to implement processes for opening and closing. Currently that responsibility is assigned to the Department of Parks and Recreation and is being handled by the staff at Southside Tennis Courts. The Department Director, Daryl Joseph, was personally handling those tasks during the Christmas holiday break, but we need a better system. Please do not call or complain to the school- we do not want to burden their staff when the agreement makes this a City responsibility.

One suggestion is to post the Tennis facility phone number at the gate so a user could contact them if the gate is locked when it should be open. Another option is an electronic keypad, perhaps with remote capability.  Please be patient as we work out the kinks- but it is a wonderful and safe facility for improving our health and fitness. Hope to see you there!

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