Landon Middle School Track

For several years I have been working with Ashley Smith Juarez, the current School Board Chair and our School Board District representative, to make Landon track available to the public on nights, weekends and during the summer. We arrived at a mutually agreeable Joint-Use arrangement last year which required improvements be made to drainage around the track before increased use would be allowed.  I was able to assist with allocating City funds for the improvement of the School property. In order to prevent disruption of school activities and use of the facilities, work had to be scheduled during the summer and we missed that window for last year. But, at long last, that work is nearing completion and we anticipate the track being open for public use soon after school begins!

It will be great to have access to this facility, particularly in light of our pedestrian safety challenges!

Thank you to Ashley and the School Board for their willingness to work together on this great project.

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