Pine Forest Curb and Gutter Project Modified and Reallocated

During the spring, I held a community meeting in Pine Forest to discuss the proposed curb and gutter project I wrote about in March. At that meeting, I learned that the actual design presented by the Public Works Department was not a true “urban section” curb and gutter project but rather sloped curbs with a shallow swale or ditch, and thus no sidewalk. An urban section typically includes a roadway lower than adjacent lots, storm drains near the curb connecting to underground storm sewers, curbs and sidewalks with no ditches remaining.

I met with former Councilman Warren Jones who had previously represented the neighborhood, and Joyce Brown, the neighborhood association President, to see if we should move forward with that design or use the funds for something else in the neighborhood. The consensus at that meeting was that the modified curb project proposed really did not provide the desired result. The roads had already been re-surfaced in the last few years, and if we were not eliminating the ditches and providing sidewalks, there was little benefit to the expenditure.

Ms. Brown outlined her priorities for the community and former CM Jones concurred. As a result the funding has been re-allocated for the following to the extent the budget will allow:

  1. Acquire lot for sale at corner of Grant and Gattis.(highest priority because time sensitive)
  2. Demolish residence at Gattis/Grant acquired in 1 above
  3. New sidewalk along north side of Gattis from Grant to Hamlin
  4. Crosswalk across Grant north side of Gattis to provide access between community center and park (intersection location- not midblock- just stripe and sign)
  5. Sidewalk on east side of Grant from Gattis to Emerson
  6. Crosswalk across Grant at Sessions to provide access to school (intersection location- not midblock- just stripe and sign)
  7. Continue sidewalk on west side of Grant from Sessions South to Jernigan if funds allow
  8. Add walking trail for seniors on lot at Gattis and Grant
  9. Add parking for Park/Community Center on lot at Gattis and Grant


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