Pine Forest Park

At a recent community meeting in Pine Forest, neighbors complained that the roof of the bathroom facility had a gaping hole and had been that way for over a year. I was shocked by the report and checking on Google Earth was able to not only see the hole but to confirm that it had been there for several years.  Thankfully, Mayor Curry’s administration responded immediately and the roof has now been repaired.

Below you will see a picture of the roof damage from Goggle maps

And the completed new roof

In assessing the maintenance issues at the Park, several other deficiencies were noted and a water fountain has been provided and  the basketball courts have now been resurfaced as evidenced below

I am truly grateful for the responsiveness of the Parks Department and I am sure the residents are as well. This does however point out the importance of residents letting us know when there are issues in our Parks and City facilities. I am not excusing the Department who I believe should at least annually inspect their facilities to determine maintenance needs, but the sooner you let us know of a problem, the sooner it gets on the list for repair.


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