Riverfront Park /River Road Update

aug1This week, the traffic pattern in front of Riverfront Park was changed. Only one-way northbound traffic will be allowed on the street. Between dramatic increases in cut-through rush hour traffic, on-street parking, and increased activity in the Park, as well as occasional flooding challenges, the continued two-way traffic pattern had simply become unsafe. Park users park their vehicles along the eastern side of the street, requiring them to cross the street to access the park, and cut through traffic volume and speed had become a serious safety hazard, particularly in the afternoons.

As you can see in the photo, the pavement is narrow and it was tight for cars travelling in opposite directions to pass one another with vehicles parked next to the curb. Residents along the block will still have access to the alley behind their buildings and to the on-street parking, however No Through Traffic signs will be posted at the northern alley entrance.

If you are travelling south on River Road from LaSalle, when you reach Laverne you will be required to make a left turn on Laverne to connect to San Marco. No Entry signs will be posted on River Road at that intersection.

River Road Intersection with Alley Looking SouthRiver Road Intersection with Landon Looking North One Way signsRiver Road Intersection with Laverne Looking SouthRiver Road Intersection with Laverne Looking West

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