Southbank Public Parking

For the last several months I have been working with the Florida Department of Transportation, JTA, and the Mayor’s office to insure that upon completion of the Overland Bridge project, the right of way under the various bridge sections will be available for public parking. The lack of public parking for the Southbank Riverwalk, for Friendship Fountain and MOSH and for the developing retail corridors along Old Kings, Hendricks and San Marco is a major challenge and we have an opportunity to make real progress. We have identified 10 parcels (one to east of “E” also) that we are targeting for public use for at least some portion of the day. At the moment, the current thinking is that JTA would manage the spaces under an agreement with FDOT. There would be a substantial number of spaces available near Friendship Park in Lot J, and in lot D to serve Hendricks and Kings Avenues. The lot to the east of E not shown below could provide additional public spaces near Montana/Broadcast Place. The various lots on San Marco Blvd. could help not only with Riverwalk parking but also with activation of the corridor. Potentially, the merchants in San Marco could run a shuttle connecting to lots B and C for evening and weekend demand.

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