The Broadstone River House

The City Council recently approved the PUD modification for the Broadstone River House, a 263 unit apartment project located on the former Crawdaddy’s site next to the Lexington Hotel. The developer is Alliance Residential and project has received architectural approval from the Downtown Development Review Board.

Of particular importance to me were the access points to the Riverwalk. There will be sidewalks and signage connecting Prudential Drive to the Riverwalk on both sides of the property. The southern property boundary, between the apartments and the Lexington Hotel and Wharfside Way will include a vehicular drop-off at the end of Wharfside Way, a waterfront pedestrian plaza providing public access to and a view of the river and Riverwalk, as well as hardscape amenities including benches, etc. The plaza is visible on the site plan above in the upper left but in the zoning we included a number of specific parameters too insure that the plaza is of a size and design to clearly invite public access to the Riverwalk.

The shaded area above is delineated in the zoning as the pedestrian plaza and no buildings are allowed to encroach into this area other that the existing Wharfside structure in the upper left.

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