Pine Forest Curb and Gutter

Legislation is currently making its way through City Council that would appropriate over $400,000 of federal Community Development Block Grant funds for curb and gutter roadway improvements in the southern portion of the Pine forest community. Former City Councilman Warren Jones worked on this project for many years and was instrumental in funding the environmental assessment and design of curb and gutter improvements throughout the Pine Forest community. This allocation of funding for construction is the first of several phases that will eventually see curb and gutter with accompanying storm drains rather than open ditches, throughout the neighborhood. Johnson Avenue will be the first street completed with work progressing along Grant to the extent of available funds.

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One Response to Pine Forest Curb and Gutter

  1. Patsy Moore says:

    Dear Lori, it is that time again…..the 32 annual egg hunt in Largo Park. If you have any influence it would be nice if the guys who cut and blow off our park didn’t do it the week
    Before Easter. The park is very stressed right now and it will be so much easier to hide eggs if it is a little “overgrown”. We would love to have you come…it is 9:30 Saturday the 26th.
    Many thanks for anything you can do. Patsy Moore.