Tidal Flooding Updates

A number of District 5 neighborhoods have experienced issues with tidal flooding this year. The Public Works Department is engaged and reviewing engineering options for several locations. The possibility of utilizing a check valve system for the areas between Landon and Nira (Riviera, LaSalle) as a temporary solution is on such option under review. Ultimately, the LaSalle street pump station is the more long-term solution but the check valve is very inexpensive if it will provide some relief from tidal intrusion without adversely impacting drainage from rain events. I continue to make the pump station a priority in the Capital improvement budget.

South Shores requires a different solution because the area is not bulkheaded. The tidal intrusion from the adjacent marsh can’t be pumped out but engineering is evaluating the alternatives that can be used to keep the streets and homes from flooding.

Meanwhile, on Martha Anne several homes were acquired through FEMA repetitive flood loss funds and have been demolished. Another is in the process of using similar funds to raise the elevation of the home itself.

While the solutions are unique to each location, the unusually high tides, and the frequency with which they occurred this past year, have posed a problem for the District and the City as a whole.

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