Baker Skinner Restroom Update

bakerskinnerUnfortunately, work has yet to begin on the additional restroom facility at Baker Skinner. You will recall that I directed $40,000 of capital funds available for park improvements to Baker Skinner for batting cages back in the fall of 2014. Subsequently the Association decided that they would prefer to use the funds for an additional restroom, however the cost of that facility exceeded the funds available. A generous Board member who I understand is a licensed contractor agreed to build the facility for the available funds, but that of course created challenges with the City procurement and bid process. It appears that all City personnel have come to agreement on a process that would allow the construction to proceed using this contractor and his donations, and a meeting between Parks and the contractor is scheduled in the near future to finalize the terms of the contract. While the facility will not be complete for the spring season, I hope it will get underway in the very near future.

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