Faith United Methodist rezoning

Faith United Methodist, 4000 Spring Park Road, has applied for a PUD rezoning. The PUD confirms the grandfathered use for the existing school, church and addresses potential uses for the undeveloped parcel and existing residence to the north that are part of the larger PUD.

The residential structure to the north is currently zoned for day-care use but has been recently used for drug and alcohol counseling. Discussions have centered on appropriate uses for that building as well as the undeveloped parcel between the church and this house. The northern boundary of the property abuts a residential subdivision and directly across Spring Park is Taylor Home. To the south, there are a number of business and commercial properties facing Spring Park. Currently, the church is requesting that the undeveloped parcel and the house parcel be allowed to be developed for adult or child day care, senior living and counseling uses. A substantial buffer will be required between the subdivision to the north and any new buildings. The permissible uses for the existing house and its hours of operation are the main unresolved issue.

This rezoning will be heard in January and if you wish to comment or attend, please contact Nicole at my City Council office for details.

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