Pennsylvania Avenue Drainage

Great News! Construction has finally started on this project which will improve drainage on Pennsylvania Avenue near the Duck Pond.  Although the only work this week was the placement of erosion control, the improvements are beginning.  Pipe and other construction materials will begin arriving on-site early next week. The final plan utilizes the separate outfall along Pennsylvania Avenue to the Sunnyside Drive drainage system that directly connects to the River. The additional drainage easement needed for the separate outfall has been obtained…all real estate needs have been addressed and the project has a 90 day total construction period.

Not only will the project alleviate the severe flooding stemming from a drainage ditch along the rear of several lots that has resulted in significant damage to garages and homes on the street, but it will also help with the storm drain issue at Pennsylvania and San Jose that has resulted in the closure of that intersection in periods of very heavy rainfall.

I appreciate the patience of impacted residents who have endured several years of delays, but as with many other projects, I am seeing a renewed effort to get projects moving and completed. Thank you to Public Works and the Curry Administration for making results a priority!

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