Pennsylvania Avenue Drainage- the Saga Continues

Residents of Pennsylvania are once again suffering flooded yards as summer rains have returned. Despite working on this project for three years, Public Works has yet to turn a shovel. We have encountered delays as a result of design changes, delays as a result of changes in cost estimates and delays awaiting additional funding. All funds, even at the increased price-tag, are in place and it is simply a manner of getting the work done. The latest plan is a change from earlier versions and rather than draining toward San Jose and the Duck Pond, the new design will create a new outfall that connects to Sunnyside and to the river. Staff is reporting that they believe we should still be under construction this summer as planned. I certainly hope so and will continue to press to get the project completed. I am hopeful that under the new Mayor and his administration, we will be able to get things moving in a timely manner.



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