Pennsylvania Avenue Drainage

This is another one of those projects that I hope I live long enough to see completed! To the residents who suffer flooding every year, I sincerely regret the fact that another summer season is here and the work is not complete.  The actual bids for the project came in way over the formal estimates and additional funding had to be appropriated. That has now made its way through City Council and the ball is back in Public Works’ court. The latest update I have from the department  is that the  procurement process should be completed this month and the Notice to Proceed issued to the contractor by June 5. Construction is scheduled to take up to a year to complete.

The project requires easements across the rear of several lots to improve drainage to San Jose as well as improvements to the system along San Jose that drains to the Duck Pond. The notes indicate that due to the increased cost, the possibility of an alternate route is under consideration (that route had been previously eliminated from consideration due to cost, but may now be feasible.)


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