Southside Incinerator Update

You will recall that the cleanup of the former Southside Incinerator site has been required and funded for many years, but work had not commenced. The project is moving forward again, albeit slowly. The property is NOT the Southside Generating Station on the river but rather the old incinerator where trash was burned in the early 1900’s and is located between St. Augustine Road and Philips Highway, north of Powers. The site is contaminated with ash from the facility and the City is legally obligated to clean it up.

The latest schedule I received this week indicates that the contract for the consultant to design the remedial action plan is supposed to go to procurement committee next week and the contract should be entered into within 30 days. Development of the plan is expected to take 90 days and we may be able to begin the bid process for actual clean-up (execution of the plan) by September of this year. If all goes according to schedule, work could be completed by March of 2016.


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