Colonial Manor Park and Duck Pond

On January 15, residents of the area were invited to a town meeting to discuss possible dredging on the Duck Pond and gather input on some suggested park improvements. Public Works explained the concept of dredging the lake to create more holding capacity and lowering the weir which would lower the water level and expose more of the existing bulkheads. It was acknowledged that many of the bulkheads would likely require improvement if not replacement if the project moved forward. Of those present at the meeting, there seemed to be unanimous support for the idea of deepening the pond. Residents reported that it had once been substantially deeper and had silted in over the years.  Based on the positive reception, Public Works will continue to investigate both cost and potential stormwater benefits of the project. It is too early to suggest any timeline for design and funding of the project, let alone implementation.

At the meeting we also discussed several potential improvements to adjacent park. A nearby resident, Suzanne Honeycutt, had floated the idea of replacing the existing cement benches with mosaic tile ones such as those shown below. The idea was well received and parks had no objection if the neighborhood wants to move ahead with fundraising and design.  It was suggested that perhaps the benches and park improvements should wait until after deepening, but since that project will be years away and the benches could be removed and stored during construction, it was agreed that the project could move forward .


A possible photo backdrop installation was also discussed and well-received, but its location would be subject to design approval.

Finally, the discussion of deepening and the park led to an innovative suggestion that if and when deepening occurs, the City bulkhead next to San Jose should be moved toward the water to provide more usable park space. The example of the peninsula that extends into Lake Marco was one option that was mentioned. The park is heavily used, on a high traffic and relatively high speed section of roadway, and additional space would be both a safety improvement and neighborhood amenity.


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  1. Lori – Just reading this message. I’m still on the road but will return to JAX next week. I didn’t know of the meeting on Jan 15th until that day – an e-mail from a neighbor – and had a project for the women at City Rescue that night. Joe and Bill Mason attended and did a brief overview for me. I didn’t know of the ‘go ahead’ for the benches.
    I will get to investigating….
    THANKS for all you do.