Goodby’s Condos on the Horizon

Prospect Properties of Orlando has closed on the purchase of the partially completed condos at Goodby’s Creek.  I have met with the developers on several occasions and they are anxious to begin work as quickly as possible. They are already cleaning out debris and cleaning up the site. They hope to start on the outside stucco in the next few weeks. Although earlier plans had contemplated an increase in the number of living units, they no longer plan any change in the zoning and will complete the buildings as designed. They are engaging the original architects and engineers to insure continuity of design as well as to insure the safety and habitability of the structures. They anticipate that the only changes from the current design will be those required by intervening code changes. The plan is to have model units complete by the end of the year unless the building permit process delays that schedule.

I am personally thrilled to see this eyesore cleaned up and wish Prospect success in the endeavor. I know many of you will also be happy to see the buildings completed and an attractive addition to the community.

Congratulations and Welcome to Prospect, the new owner.

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One Response to Goodby’s Condos on the Horizon

  1. Sheila says:

    What great news! So glad to hear this!