lnbLori Boyer is currently serving as a Jacksonville City Council Member. She was elected in 2011 and re-elected in 2015 to represent District 5, a district on Jacksonville’s Southside that stretches from the Southbank of Downtown to Sunbeam Road. In May of 2016, Lori was unanimously elected by her fellow Council members to serve as Council President for the 2016-2017 Council year. In taking the reins as President July 1, 2017, Lori became the first woman to hold that position in the last 12 years.

Her duties include presiding at Council meetings, representing the City at public events and speaking engagements, City Council administration, and setting the direction and broad agenda for the Council year. Among other goals, Lori hopes to provide a wide array of opportunities for Council members and staff, along with interested members of the public, to learn from each other and subject experts more about our City government and opportunities to incorporate best practices. A second goal is to provide the opportunity for the Council to engage in pro-active policy development rather than just reacting to the crises of the day.

In addition to her duties as a City Council member, Lori will be serving this year on the Election Canvassing Board, as chair of the Tourist Development Council, and chair of the Personnel Committee. Her Council Aide is Nicole Spradley.

Consistent with her commitment to greater community outreach, this website will serve as a resource for updates on issues and projects of interest to the District.

If you would like to receive emails alerting you to website updates and urgent issues, please complete the form to right.

If you need assistance or would like to let Lori know your thoughts on a City issue, please contact her at:


O (904) 630-1382

C (904) 576-0446

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